Seara is investing approximately BRL 1.5 billion in new farms next year. The new facilities will combine automation technologies, optimized ergonomics and enhanced safety while performing tasks. 

Our facilities are equipped with technology to provide greater ambience and thermal comfort to the animals, allowing to maximize genetic potential and optimize natural resources and processes sustainably, as per the Net Zero public commitment. 

We work to optimise logistic freights for the transport of animals and feed, in order to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel or its replacement by renewable sources. Another initiative is the replacement of diesel trucks by electric trucks to serve the retail market.

Currently, 41% of our integrated farms are equipped with photovoltaic panels to generate solar energy. There is also a focus on outputs being exploited for biogas production. Seara’s Rural Agricultural Program encourages the separation and classification of solid waste by integrated producers in rural properties. 

Seara’s remuneration policy includes a dedicated percentage for the recognition of environmentally sustainable practices. We reward our farmers and distributors when they embrace renewable energy sources, solid waste separation, and animal welfare practices. We expect to recognize approximately BRL 50 million on such initiatives.

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Renewable Energy

40% of integration with photovoltaics

GHG Emissions Mitigation

Implementation of Biogas Plants in the Integrator and Slaughterhouses.

Circular Economy

Energy Recovery form organic poultry waste.

Recycled Materials

Recycling and reuse of Seara's packaging at JBS Ambient.

30% reduction of scopes 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 against base year 2019.


Quality of life at Seara

Rural Women

Accelerating the development of rural women.

Family Succession

Promotion and development, ensuring business continuity.

Super Agro

Recognition and Appreciation of Seara employees and partners.

Caring for people:
Diversity + Inclusion + Safety

72 MM invested in health and safety and +1000 leaders trained in the program.


Best practices for Governance

Compliance Training

Anti-corruption Training

Policies and Procedures

Code of conduct for 
Business Partners