Our Pillars

Seara works on sustainability in a transversal and integrated way. The most important and relevant topics for the Seara business have been grouped into the following 4 pillars.

    Bea fundo

    Animal Welfare at Seara

    At Seara, ensuring the welfare of our animals is a priority. Treating animals with respect, valuing their lives and taking into account the specific needs of each species, regardless of their stage of development, is part of the company's good practices. It is our responsibility!

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    Net zerov2

    Seara Net Zero 2040

    Seara, through JBS, the world's largest food company, is committed to achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions by reducing direct and indirect emissions (Scopes 1, 2 and 3) and offsetting all residual emissions. The company has a responsibility to drive the transformation of agricultural markets to make them more productive, sustainable, and part of the climate solution.

    Over the last few years, Seara has invested in sustainability projects and actions that have a positive impact on reducing GHGs (Greenhouse Gases) and contributing to the reduction of climate change on our planet.

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    Desmatamento sustentabilidade

    Zero Deforestation 2025

    In line with its responsibility to promote the changes needed to achieve deforestation-free grain and oil production chains, Seara has committed to zero deforestation in the Amazon biome by 2023 and zero illegal deforestation in other biomes by 2025.

    The sustainable sourcing policy for grains and oils reinforces this commitment and operates in all Brazilian biomes. Learn more about our policy.

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    Acoes sociais sus bea

    Social Actions

    Seara is committed to promoting actions of transformation and social support in the communities where it operates, according to the needs and realities of the moment. Seara also encourages volunteerism among the company's employees.

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