The company also complies with the legal requirements of each market and customer.

Seara shapes its process according to each customer’s needs, ensuring that many of its product lines receive international animal welfare certification. For example, all chickens exported to the EU come from farms where the birds are given extra space, as well as perches and their feed matches the standards required by EU regulation.

Another example is Fiesta Seara Orgânico – Brazil’s first organic Christmas chicken. These animals are free-range with a 100% plant-based diet comprised of organic grains. 

Packages carry the IBD seal – Latin America’s largest organic and sustainable product certifier.

Seara employs top quality veterinarians to oversee animal health and food standards across our farms. The use of any medicines, vaccines or other substances is prohibited unless expressly authorized by Seara’s vets; producers are strictly forbidden to use any type of product for integrated farms other than those provided with Seara’s technical expertise and assistance.

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Cautious and responsible use of medicines and vaccines is a requirement listed in the Farmer’s Partnership Agreement, as well as in the Technical Guideline Procedures and in the Flock Records. Continuous training carried out by the technical team reinforces these practices.

Seara continuously works to reduce the use of antibiotics on integrated farms, improving biosecurity measures, vaccination and disinfection programs, use of eubiotics and organic acids in feed and drinking water.

Seara encourages good husbandry practices based on the five domains of animal welfare in Brazil. Quality nutrition, good management practices and ambience control, unified healthcare, expression of the animals’ natural behaviour and mental states are the key pillars. 

We have a fully integrated breeding system that guarantees traceability from the origin. Our trained vets apply the best practices to ensure the highest standard of animal welfare. Our factories are certified to international standards and satisfy the most demanding markets.

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